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Established in 1986. Gluten free. 100% Recyclable. 0 Calories

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This is the first collaboration between Brian Cronin and Doreen Cronin. Lawrence & Sophia will be available wherever books are sold October 17th 2023.

For the past three years myself and my daughter have made portraits of each other. Its slowly growing as is the size of the images. Its a wonderful project and we both love drawing together.

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Brooklyn New York. I have lived and worked here on and off for the past twelve years. I love this space The mirror in this picture has traveled with me for the past 25 years since bringing it here from Ireland. I grew up with this mirror in my family home in Dublin. It is very special to me and my daughter. When we look into it we see more than just our reflections.
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Stamp Design for AnPost Ireland (EIRE)

Portrait of Lady Jane Wilde, Writer,Poet and Mom of
Oscar Wilde.
First day issue March 4th 2021

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