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About Brian Cronin

I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, and moved to New York in the mid 1980’s. I still have my accent which always makes me feel like an outsider here. When I return to Ireland I feel just as alien, but sound the same. This causes confusion for me on both sides of the sea.

. My day is centered around the studio/"drawing room.” It can get messy here, as my process does not include tidying up as I work. For years I wanted a clean, minimal space with all objects artfully arranged, but I'm not focused on this ideal anymore. I try to create order between projects, but sometimes I’m on to the next one so quickly that time and space blend, and chaos ensues.

I take breaks for coffee and biscuits, lunch, and a midday nap. I live with my daughter and our dog. When I was growing up, my parents ran a bed and breakfast in central Dublin. My dad was always home -- just like me! As a kid, I wished he had a regular job like my friends’ parents, but then again it was nice knowing he was always around, as was my mom. I am passing this Cronin tradition on to my own daughter.


Where I keep my markers

Brian Cronin illustrating

My previous studio in Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn 2016

me working.jpg

Brian Cronin Brooklyn NY 2022


Warhol / Cronin.
I Love this photo. The photo was taken at the installation of my One Person show at the Irish  Museum of Modern Art in Dublin. The photo shows one of my pieces on the right leaning next to a Silkscreen portrait of Andy Warhol. The Andy Warhol show was just coming down as mind was going up, touching greatness.

same dog.jpg

Me circa age 5 with a puppy from our first family dog named "Daisy". Daisy was pregnant twice a year. I am not sure what this puppy above was called but he looks a lot like my present puppy " Johnny " .who is almost four years old.


Me during my student days in Art College in Dublin Ireland . This photo was taken circa 1976/77. The man walking in the back ground was a well known actor in Ireland at the time , well he looks a lot like him, cant remember his name.


My Parents Tom and Esther, circa 1950.

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