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An Post, First Day of Issue 2021

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Brian Cronin Press
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In this section I will be highlighting various reviews of my books. Along with any news on interviews, gallery shows and events.


                                      The Horn Book, Nov/Dec 2018

The Lost Christmas by -b.b.  cronin; illustrations. by the author
Primary Viking 40pp. g

10/18 978-0-451-47904-4 $18.99


In this tricky seek-and-find book, Grandad enlists help from his two grandpups

(and rearers) in tracking down some missing decorations for the tree on Christmas Eve.

Acrylic illustrations show the young ones scouring the messy house (inside and out) for a

variety of glass blown-looking ornamnets.

After finding all the ornaments and decorating the tree, the dogs enjoy their handiwork along

with cake and warm drinks, while readers-if they've looked closly enough

to spot one last challenge on the copyright

pageat the back-can go in search for a second Santa ornament hidden "somewhere in the book."

The book's unusual-for-Christmas bright neon color palette adds an extra visual challenge.



Publishers Weekly October 24th 2018



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                                                              ILLUSTRATOR MAGAZINE FEATURE October 2018

The Japanese magazine is running a feature article on my three recently published book from the "LOST" series. The issue comes out at the end of October 2018.

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